• The Streetlegal Module Bafang BBS01, BBS02 and BBS03 (HD) – D.I.Y. Motor Kits


    Our StVO Module for legal Bafang BBS operation throughout Europe!

    The StVO module* was created to operate powerful BBS systems as a streetlegal EU pedelec (bicycle with pedal assistance). Quick and easy installed, no programming cable needed.

    Our intelligent module is the only product on the market that allows a larger and more robust motor from the Bafang BBS series as a 25 km/h EPAC – without registration, insurance coverage or a driver’s license.

    During the first use, the existing controller data is read and stored in the module. The module automatically adjusts the data of the controller for the operation of a pedal-assist bicycle with a maximum speed of 25 km/h and 250W nominal power output.

    From this point on, the used BBS motor group (with correct wheel size adjustment) is adapted to the current regulations and is considered as a bicycle.

    The original or personal parameter settings of the BBS controller can be restored with the GutRad Key, e.g. to remove the module again (data recovery) or for rides on private property.

    If you decide to permanently store the StVO data in the controller and module, you can disconnect and reconnect the module in StVO mode. Afterwards the BBS system with the attached module is protected against any programming and tuning interventions.

    The module is compatible with all UART Bafang and APT displays.

    The use of EggRider displays, SpeeedApp, etc. is not possible.

    *within the scope of the EU regulations for EPAC 25km/h bicycle act.

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