We carry the most comprehensive Bafang mid-motor range in Europe. Our motor systems are sold with a manufacturer's warranty and are state-of-the-art. Our experience and our special products help you to convert your two- or three-wheeler to your desired requirements, whether for a relaxed family tour, a performance tour in the mountains or the daily commute to work.

With this support, you are able to carry heavy loads or multiple people while enjoying your ride. Our motors and batteries provide the basis for this. They are of selected quality, durable and reliable.

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Bafang is a leading manufacturer of components for e-mobility applications and advanced motor systems for pedelecs and e-bikes.

Many pedelec and e-bike manufacturers rely on the company's products.

We carry a comprehensive range of original and high-quality accessories for Bafang mid-motor conversion kits such as numerous chainrings, displays, sensors, gearsensors and rechargeable batteries.

Who is BAFANG?