• Faked Stickers and self programming of Bafang BBS DIY Motors Legal?

    12. November 2023

    Please note! When an e-bike is converted , a new product is created from a legal point of view. According to the European Product Liability Act, anyone who ins converting  a bicycle to a pedelec is fully liable and does it on own risk.

    The warranty provided by the bike manufacturer for the frame, brakes, rims etc. becomes basically invalid.

    Various anonymous self-promoters on their way in forums such as Pedelecforum, Facebook groups, YouTube etc. appoint themselves as “manufacturers” and simply spread fake news!

    Single components like motors, batteries and add-on parts used for this conversion are independent products and the user doesn´t achive a manufacturer status while using them.

    It is therefore even a criminal offense to attach a sticker for a false nominal current and a CE to a product without any manufacturer information.

    In order to be able to legally change the performance and other features of the CE certified kit as delivered, a change is required by the manufacturer itself or an additional product with manufacturer certification or a service from a company with an (exhibitor’s declaration) certifying these changes. It is therefore not enough to simply put a sticker on the motor or simply reprogram the controller itself.

    Information about this can be provided by the manufacturer of the product in question, the approval body, the technical inspection association, the expert, the lawyer, the responsible authorities, the expert service provider or specialist committees, etc.

    GutRad as a specialized dealer and manufacturer, is happy to answer all your specific questions.