• Colorado’s statewide e-bike program launched!

    2. January 2024

    Colorado’s statewide e-bike program launched last August has been so popular that $6.6 million in funding has been exhausted months earlier than initially planned, and the state plans to pause the program and reassess its remaining funding reports Colorado Public Radio.

    Followed Denver’s groundbreaking e-bike incentive program Colorado offered all residents who applied at least a $500 discount while income-qualified residents received a voucher worth $1,100. Electric cargo bikes, adaptive e-bikes and accessories like helmets and locks were included in the program.

    So far the program has helped 4,520 residents buy electric bicycles, issuing discounts worth $5,417,300, and a final round of rebates will be offered in February. The long-term plan is to subsidize e-bikes beginning again in April with incentives built to last through 2032.